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How Do I Install NI Driver Software After I Have Already Installed the Hardware?

Hardware: Multifunction DAQ (MIO)

I installed my National Instruments plug and play hardware in a computer running a Windows operating system prior to installing the driver software for it. Now my NI hardware is configured incorrectly. How can I correct this problem?

In most cases, the operating system has multiple and/or conflicting registry entries for your hardware. (The Windows Registry associates your NI hardware with its corresponding NI driver software.) The easiest way to remedy this situation is to:
  1. Turn off the computer and remove the NI hardware.

  2. Reboot the computer without the hardware installed.

  3. Look in Device Manager and make sure that the entry for your hardware is gone. If the hardware entry is still there, then single-click it to highlight it and press the Remove button to remove it from the Device Manager.

  4. Shut down and reboot again.

  5. Now you can install the driver software for your hardware.

  6. Once the driver is installed, shut down the computer, install the hardware, and reboot.
Your NI hardware should be recognized by Windows, and it should be configured correctly.

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Report Date: 11/29/2001
Last Updated: 01/30/2014
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