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Which IMAQ Boards Support Triggering with a RTSI Cable?

Hardware: Image Acquisition (IMAQ)>>IMAQ - Digital>>PCI-1422, Image Acquisition (IMAQ)>>IMAQ - Digital>>PCI-1424, Image Acquisition (IMAQ)>>IMAQ - CameraLink>>PCI-1428, Image Acquisition (IMAQ)>>IMAQ - CameraLink>>PCIe-1429

I would like to synchronize a Data Acquisition (DAQ) card and an Image Acquisition (IMAQ) board through the Real-Time System Integration (RTSI) connector. Which IMAQ devices support RTSI and which do not?

The boards that currently support RTSI are:
  • PCI-1409
  • PCI-1422
  • PCI-1424
  • PCIe-1427
  • PCI-1428
  • PCIe-1429
  • PCIe-1430
  • PCIe-1433
  • PCIe-1473R
Boards that do not support RTSI are:
  • PCI-1407
  • PCI-1411
Though RTSI is not available for these boards, you can trigger these boards externally with the trigger input.

The same applies for trigger bus lines on the PXI platform. You can use the PXI trigger lines with the PXI-1409, PXI-1422, PXI-1424, PXI-1428, and PXI-1435, but must trigger externally with the PXI-1407 and PXI-1411.

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