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How Can I Find My Computer ID?

Primary Software: Other NI Software>>NI License Manager
Primary Software Version: 4.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I am trying to activate my National Instruments software. Where can I find my computer ID?

**Note that the computer ID referenced in this Knowledge Base article is specific to National Instruments product activation.

Complete the following steps to display your computer ID:
  1. Open NI License Manager by going to Start » All Programs » National Instruments » NI License Manager.
  2. Select Computer Information or Display Computer Information as shown below.
  3. Your sixteen character computer ID will display under your computer name.

Figure 1) Computer ID location in NI License Manager 4.0 and greater

Figure 2) Computer ID location in previous versions of NI License Manager

Alternatively, when you activate choosing the manual web or phone methods, the email sent to you will provide the computer ID as part of an information summary. Note that when you activate using the Activation Wizard, all of the necessary information will be gathered for you.

NI License Manager is only installed with NI software that requires licensing. It cannot be installed by itself. If you do not have NI License Manager after installing your NI software, then your software does not require activation.

With NI License Manager 3.3 or newer, you may programmatically retrieve the Computer ID using the GenerateComputerId executable.  Please see the Related Links section below.

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