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How Are LabVIEW Preferences Set for an Executable?

Primary Software: LabVIEW Development Systems>>LabVIEW Professional Development System
Primary Software Version: 7.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

The LabVIEW preferences I use in the development environment don't pass through to the executable I build. Why don't stand-alone executables use the default LabVIEW preferences automatically?

Preferences for the LabVIEW development environment are stored in an .ini file. The settings in the .ini file affect many properties of the executable, including fonts, thread configuration, front panel settings (such as smooth updates for indicators), and VISA settings (synchronous vs. asynchronous). Stand-alone executables created in LabVIEW also read preferences from an .ini file, if it exists. There are two methods to set LabVIEW preferences for a stand-alone executable previous to LabVIEW 8. The first is the easiest.

First Method:
  1. Build the Executable (YourApp.exe).
  2. Run it on the build machine, this will automatically create an .ini file named "YourApp.ini" in the same directory as the executable.
  3. Edit the new ini file to alter properties of the executable.

Second Method:
  1. Make a copy of the labview.ini file, which resides in the labview directory.
  2. Rename the copy VIname.ini, where VIname is the name of the stand-alone executable.
  3. Open VIname.ini and change the first line, [LabVIEW], to [VIname].
  4. Save and close VIname.ini.
  5. Move VIname.ini to the same directory as the stand-alone executable.

For distribution, create the .ini file on the build machine, and include it in the distribution so that it installs to the same folder as the executable.

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Report Date: 02/05/1996
Last Updated: 12/21/2017
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