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Archived: Valid Baud Rates for NI-CAN Card

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I am getting error0xBFF62124 (CanErrBadBaudRate) when I try to run a task on my CAN device.  It seems like the baud rate I'm trying to run isn't supported by my device. What are valid baud rates for my NI-CAN devices so I can avoid this issue?

There are many different baud rates that NI-CAN devices are able to support.  If you are looking to see if a specific baud rate is valid, please reference KnowledgeBase 0ZEF3MHR: How Can I Set Custom or Nonstandard Baud Rates in NI-CAN?.  The following table lists the supported baud rate ranges for each type of NI-CAN Device:

NI-CAN Device Supported baud rates
Series 1 High-Speed (e.g. PCI-CAN/2) 5 kbaud up to 1 kbaud
Series 2 High-Speed (e.g. PCI-CAN (Series 2)) 40 kbaud up to 1 Mbaud
Low-Speed/Fault-Tolerant (e.g. PCI-CAN/LS2) 5 kbaud up to 125 kbaud
Single-Wire (e.g. PCI-CAN/SW) 5 kbaud up to 100 kbaud*

*In order to support baud rates greater than 33.333 kbits with a Single Wire NI-CAN card, you need to set the transceiver mode to Single Wire High-Speed. Please consult the NI-CAN Hardware and Software Manual for further information on how to set this mode.

Methods to Configure Baud Rates
  • If you use the Channel API, open Measurement & Automation Explorer and specify a valid baud rate in the interface's Properties dialog.
  • If you use the Frame API, specify a valid baud rate in the ncConfig function for the Network Interface.

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Report Date: 07/07/2003
Last Updated: 04/30/2012
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