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cDAQ-9188 Chassis Is Unusable After Updating The Firmware

Hardware: CompactDAQ>>Backplanes>>cDAQ-9188

I have a cDAQ-9188 chassis and have updated the firmware in response to a DAQmx update. The device now powers on and has a solid yellow status light, which remains solid indefinitely. The device does not show up in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) or the Windows Device Manager, and appears to be bricked. How do I recover from this?

Network cDAQ chassis can have their firmware corrupted during updates in some rare cases. When this happens, the cDAQ should be put in recovery mode. Once in recovery mode, the Network cDAQ Recovery Utility will reset its firmware, and the update can be retried.

To put the cDAQ in recovery mode, perform the following steps:

1. Remove power from the cDAQ
2. Press in the reset button and hold
3. Apply power to the cDAQ
4. Wait for the status LED to start blinking
5. Release the reset button
6. Run the Network cDAQ Recovery Utility

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Report Date: 11/04/2011
Last Updated: 09/29/2017
Document ID: 5R3ALB9D

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