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IVI-C Class Driver Support for IVI-COM Specific Drivers

Primary Software: Instrument Drivers/IVI>>IVI Compliance Package
Primary Software Version: 3.2
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: Switch Executive

How can I use IVI-C and IVI-COM specific drivers interchangeably in the same application? Can I use IVI-COM specific drivers with NI TestStand, NI Switch Executive, or the IVI Class Drivers in LabVIEW and CVI?

Since some instrument vendors are providing IVI-COM specific drivers for their instruments, National Instruments provides IVI-C class driver support for these drivers. With IVI-COM adapters, users can interchange an IVI-C and IVI-COM specific driver, which means that they can get the full benefit of using class drivers for their systems when some of their instruments are supported only by IVI-COM drivers.

Each IVI class driver has a corresponding COM adapter DLL. This DLL is able to communicate to any IVI-COM driver that complies to that particular class driver specification, and exposes a class-compliant C interface, just like a typical IVI-C specific driver.

The IVI-COM adapters are included with IVI Compliance Package 3.2 and later, but must be enabled in the installer's feature tree.

The IVI-COM adapters are installed in the same directory that the IVI Class driver DLLs are installed, either C:\Program Files\IVI\Bin or Program Files\IVI Foundation\Bin.

The IVI-COM Driver Session must be configured properly in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) before attempting to use the IVI-COM adapter.

Note: The IVI-COM adapters have been tested to pass information from the IVI class drivers to the IVI-COM specific driver.  The end performance depends upon the IVI-COM specific driver meeting the IVI specifications.

Refer to the documents listed under the 'Related Links' section to learn more about IVI-C vs. IVI-COM as well as how to use IVI-C class drivers in LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI.  Also, see the linked On-Demand training modules for more detailed information on IVI Drivers in general.

Note:  The COM adapters only work with 32-bit applications and 32-bit IVI-COM drivers.

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Last Updated: 05/17/2017
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