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Corrupt LabVIEW Broker Installation Using Different LabVIEW Runtime Engines

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 2009
Primary Software Fixed Version: 2009
Secondary Software: LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, LabVIEW Development Systems>>LabVIEW Base Package, LabVIEW Development Systems>>LabVIEW Full Development System, LabVIEW Development Systems>>LabVIEW Professional Development System

Conflicting LabVIEW programs can cause corrupted file directories and cause the following error to appear in MAX:

"Unable to locate the LabVIEW run-time engine. LVBrokerAux71 requires a version 7.1 (or compatible) LabVIEW run-time engine"

LabVIEW Broker is installed by all drivers that uses LabVIEW testpanels such as DAQmx. In some cases, LabVIEW Broker installation can become corrupted or can fail. This can be rectified by overwriting the files in the specified directory listed below:

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\LabVIEW Broker

The directory should look like the screenshot below:

The ZIP File below replaces/overwrites the LabVIEW Broker directory. Replace the files with the attached ZIP file if your directory is different than the screenshot in order to overwrite the corrupt files. This will enable both runtime engines to run without any errors.


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Report Date: 11/09/2009
Last Updated: 10/25/2011
Document ID: 538AB16B

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