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Why Am I Getting Error -2147137765 or -2147138393 from My EtherCAT Chassis?

Primary Software: LabVIEW Modules>>LabVIEW FPGA Module
Primary Software Version: 1.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: Driver Software>>NI-RIO
Hardware: CompactRIO

I am using a cRIO controller and a 9144 EtherCAT Chassis, and I am experiencing error -2147137765 or -2147138393. This error triggers the watchdog and leaves the RUN and ERR lights of my 9144 flashing. 

When I open the NI Distributed Systems Manager and select my cRIO controller I see a fault as shown below:  


Why is this happening?

The fault error indicates a connection loss. This connection loss will be a physical problem such as the Ethernet cable being removed. The watchdog will only be triggered in this way if there is an output module present in your 9144 chassis. 

The first step will be to check the connection to your EtherCAT chassis. If the connection between the cRIO chassis and the EtherCAT chassis is not direct, then check that there is nothing which can cause interference to the Ethernet cable. 

To fix the problem manually, open the NI Distributed Systems Manager and set the chassis first into Configuration mode, then into Active mode. Change modes using the Change to Configuration button shown below.

The chassis can also be reset programmatically via scan engine tools on the Measurement I/O » NI Scan Engine palette. Set Scan Engine can be used to set the EtherCAT chassis into Configuration Mode and then Active Mode in a LabVIEW program.

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Report Date: 02/01/2013
Last Updated: 11/15/2017
Document ID: 660AB7NW

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