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Using a Second PXI Network Card with My PXI Real-Time Controller

Hardware: Instrument Connectivity Other>>Ethernet>>PXI-8232, Instrument Connectivity Other>>Ethernet>>PXI-8231

Can I use a PXI ethernet card in my PXI chassis even though there is already a NIC (Network Interface Card) on my PXI-RT series controller?

Yes, it is possible to use a PXI network card in a PXI chassis. National Instruments recommends that customers use a PXI-823x gigabit ethernet interface since it is tested to work with our PXI-RT controllers. Third party devices are not tested with the controllers, so they are not generally supported. When using multiple network cards, the real-time operating system automatically chooses the fastest device, so the controller should use the PXI-823x device rather than its internal network device. See the Related Links section below for more information about PXI-823x devices. 

It is also possible to communicate to more than one PC using multiple network cards.  In order to do so, each network card on the RT Controller must have an IP address that resides on a different subnet.  Each PC must be configured to be on the appropriate subnet.  When programming in LabVIEW, the user can then specify which card  to start a TCP connection on by referencing the IP address assigned to the network card the user wishes use.

Related Links:
KnowledgeBase 37TBPRR9: PXI-823x Ethernet Communication Specifications


Report Date: 02/01/2005
Last Updated: 01/21/2016
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