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NI SCB-68A Quick Reference Labels for Signal Mapping or Pinout

Hardware: Multifunction DAQ (MIO)>>Connector Blocks>>SCB-68

I am trying to wire my NI SCB-68A and want to print a quick reference label to go on the lid so I can quickly understand the pinouts or signal mappings. Where can I find printable Quick Reference labels or pinout labels for my DAQ device?

The NI SCB-68A quick reference labels for various classes of DAQ devices are linked below. Refer to these links for your specific device series.

Note: The attached files show pinouts for various devices and the terminals they match to on the NI SCB-68A. These pin numbers do not change from device to device; only the labels change, as it is standard hardware mapping of the device connector output to the terminal block. Keep this in mind if a quick reference label does not exist for your specific device. 

Please also note that, for certain devices like the NI 6225/6255, the general NI 63xx and 62xx pinout labels might not accurately describe the true pinout of your device. For example, Figure 2 in the NI 63xx and 62xx documentation suggests that pins 33 and 66 on CONNECTOR 1 of the SCB-68A map to +/- AI 17 for M Series and X Series devices, while the 6225/6255 CONNECTOR 1 documentation suggests that pins 33 and 67 map to the same AI channel (this is correct). When using the various SCB-68A pinout documentation, make sure you use the most appropriate document for your hardware.

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NI 43xx (formerly SC Express)
NI 60xx/60xxE (formerly E Series)
NI 61xx (formerly S Series)f
NI 63xx and 62xx (formerly X Series and M Series)
NI 66xx Counter/Timer (formerly TIO)
NI 78xx (formerly R Series)

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Last Updated: 12/12/2017
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