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Properly Maintaining Your PXI Controller Hard Drive

Hardware: PXI/CompactPCI>>Controllers

What are some best practices to maintain the hard drive in my PXI controller and help prevent against hard drive failure?

Here are a few general hard drive tips that will help you avoid the most common causes of failure:
  1. Increase the amount of RAM in your controller. If an application needs more RAM during its execution than is available, it's possible that the OS will use space on the hard drive as virtual RAM in the form of page files. Every time the virtual RAM is accessed or written, this accounts for extra hard drive read/write operations which increases hard drive activity. Depending on the application and if a lot of virtual RAM is consistently needed, this can decrease the hard drive's lifespan. To purchase additional RAM for your PXI controller, contact a National Instruments Sales Representative for information and pricing.

  2. Make sure the controller is being shut down correctly. It is important that the controller is shut down using the standard Windows shutdown from the Start menu or equivalent. This ensures that the hard drive completes all of its cleanup routines before it loses power. Simply cutting the power to the controller while the hard drive is writing can cause data corruption or physical damage to the drive.

  3. Check the operating temperature of your hard drive and your system in general. Hard drive life decreases as temperature increases, especially above around 55° C. Make sure nothing is blocking airflow in and out of the chassis vents.

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