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Where is the .NET GPIB Language Interface?

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Where can I find the .NET GPIB Language Interface?

National Instruments provides two interfaces for developing GPIB-based applications in Visual Studio .NET: (a) the native .NET API and (b) the NI-488.2 wrapper interface. We recommend the native .NET API as the preferred method of developing GPIB .NET applications because of its superior integration. Both require Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 or later.

While both interfaces expose NI-488.2 as a .NET assembly, some key differences exist.

The native .NET API is available on the NI Device Driver CD (August 2003 and later) that ships with NI hardware, and the native .NET API may also be downloaded from the related link below. This interface has the following characteristics:
  1. Automatic re-synchronization of asynchronous I/O
  2. Includes exception handling and returns descriptive error messages for each exception
  3. Uses Long names for methods
  4. Supports security, remoting, marshalling and other .NET concepts
  5. Classes exposed through this assembly follow the .NET class framework standards (Names, Events, Remoting, Security, etc)
  6. Contains documentation that conforms to Visual Studio documentation standards
  7. Uses a separate class for Board, Device calls (exposes all functionality of NI-488.2 including notify, plus Events)
  8. Exposes .NET events for data completion
  9. Uses properties of a class to set the configuration options of Board or Device objects (Follows .NET class library model)
  10. Some classes derive from .NET class framework (This exposes the assembly in ways similar to the .NET class library exposed assemblies)
  11. Enumeration classes are used instead of error code numbers
  12. Includes overloaded methods
Measurement Studio 7.0 ships with the driver CD that contains native .NET assemblies for both VISA and GPIB. Developers can use the NI Instrument I/O Assistant, which integrates into Visual Studio .NET as a code designer. Its user interface can be used to first create and configure instrumentation tasks, then generate a Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, or Visual C++ class that includes the functionality you configure in the user interface. For more information about using the NI Instrument I/O Assistant to create a Measurement Studio 488.2 or VISA application, refer to the Creating a Measurement Studio 488.2 or VISA Application section of the NI Measurement Studio Help.

You can load the NI-488.2 .NET wrapper from the NI-488.2 Driver CD version 2.2 until 2.4. The NI-488.2 .NET wrapper (see the KnowledgeBase linked below) has the following characteristics:
  1. Does not return exceptions as users use error codes to handle errors
  2. One-to-one name mapping to NI-488.2 API (ibfind, ibdev, etc.)
You may refer to the NI Measurement Studio Help for more information.

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Last Updated: 01/19/2016
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