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Clicking Sound When Looping Back a WAV File Using the Built-in Sound VIs

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 6.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

Problem: In my VI, I loop back a .wav file using the built-in Sound VIs. Between each iteration, I hear a click. What is this clicking sound and how do I eliminate it?

Solution: As a workaround, use the attached VI. This VI shows how to eliminate the clicking sound for the 8-bit mono format .wav file case. Also attached below is a sample .wav file. The VI includes instructions for implementing this workaround in your application.

Note: This VI works only in LabVIEW 6.1 or later.

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Report Date: 04/12/2002
Last Updated: 12/09/2004
Document ID: 2HU7M1U7

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