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What Information is Required for Activation and How is the Information Used?

Primary Software: NI License Manager
Primary Software Version: 2.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

To complete the activation process, what information am I required to submit? Once I submit my information, how does National Instruments use the information?

To complete the activation process, the user must provide the end user name, organization, and serial number. An email address is required if the email method is used to activate. A fax number is required if the fax method is used to activate. The other required information, including computer ID, software, and version, is automatically discovered from the user’s machine. 

Figure 1: Activation Wizard

Figure 2: Serial Number Input

Figure 3: User Information

The serial number is used to verify the purchase of the software. The user name and organization are used to identify who activated the software. The rest of the information is necessary to generate the activation code required for the software to execute. Any contact information provided is only used to communicate activation information. This information is not used to register the product.

Starting with products releasing in August 2012, in order to finalize the activation process, you must enter your User Profile in the Activation Wizard. This process registers the product to your User Profile and allows you to associate any eligible service entitlements with your User Profile.

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