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Creating Multiple Modbus Slaves on a CompactRIO

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 1.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: Driver Software>>NI-RIO

I have multiple Modbus Slave Servers on my CompactRIO controller and I noticed that my register variables are not updating correctly.  Why don't my variables update?

Only one running Modbus slave is supported. You can ensure that this happens by checking which Modbus slave is running in the Distributed System Manager. To do this, right-click your CompactRIO in the Project Explorer and select Utilities»System Manager. Then select the libraries you want to stop and click the Stop Process button to halt all Modbus slaves except one.

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Report Date: 06/26/2009
Last Updated: 06/26/2012
Document ID: 4YPKT4QL

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