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Why Do I See Two Different Errors When using Change Detection with a Static DIO Board?

Hardware: Digital I/O (DIO)>>Static

Problem: I see errors -200284 and -200279 when using change detection, why do I see two? What is the difference?

Solution: The reason that you are seeing two errors is because there are two limiting factors for static DIO boards with change detection. The first limitation is the turn on time of the input circuitry used for isolation. Refer to the KnowledgeBase linked below for more information.

The second limitation is the speed of the computer that you are using. At some point, the computer will be overwhelmed by processing interrupts, as one is generated for each change detection. When this occurs, the computer will not have time to transfer latest buffer of changes, and error -200279 (Overflow) will be generated.

If you get error an overflow error, then a faster computer would allow you to detect more changes. However, you will eventually reach the limit of the board and miss changes due to their occurring faster then the input circuitry can handle.

Related Links: KnowledgeBase 38IB7RIO. Why Does Change Detection Miss Changes, or Time Out?


Report Date: 04/19/2004
Last Updated: 05/24/2004
Document ID: 38IBD5IO

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