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NI-DMM Simulated Devices

Hardware: Modular Instruments>>Digital Multimeters (DMM)

I would like to program using the NI-DMM driver but do not yet have the hardware. How can I simulate the device so that I can test my programming?

The NI-DMM driver allows you to simulate a device so that you can run your application without the hardware present.

For NI-DMM 2.9 and above: 

You can simulate a DMM in NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX) by following these steps:
  1. Open NI MAX.
  2. Right Click Devices and Interfaces(under My System)>>Create New.
  3. In the configuration window that appears, select Simulated NI-DAQmx Device or Modular Instrument.
  4. Click Finish.
  5. Press the plus sign to expand the Digital Multimeters section and select the device you want to simulate.
  6. Click OK. 

The simulated device should now show up in NI MAX under Devices and Interfaces with a yellow icon next to it to indicate simulation. You can now address it in your LabVIEW program as you would physical hardware.

Note: Sometimes simulation is not immediately added as a feature for new devices, so if you do not see your DMM in this list it could be that it does not currently support simulation. However, if the Digital Multimeters section is missing entirely, check to confirm you have correctly installed the NI-DMM driver. 

For NI-DMM 2.8 and earlier: 

Follow the steps below to simulate a DMM:
  1. Initialize the NI-DMM task with an niDMM Initialize with Options.
  2. Create a control on the Options String.
  3. Change the Simulate=0 section to Simulate=1.
See the screenshot below for an example of this code.

By Default only a subset of the simulation settings will be available in the options string.  In order to simulate specific DMM modules and select the appropriate BUS type, the following strings can be used to access these settings.

The following table indicates all the Supported Combinations of DMM Model and Bus Type.

A full description of the niDMM Initialize With Options subVI can be found in the NI-DMM Help.

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