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How Do I Add 3D Information to a Footprint?

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I would like to add 3D information to a footprint I created in Ultiboard.  How do I do this?


The instructions described here assume that you already created a footprint and now you want to add 3D data to it. You can use the same process if you wish to modify existing 3D data as well.

  1. In Ultiboard, select Tools » Database » Database Manager.
  2. Locate the footprint you wish to add 3D info to and click the Edit icon. ⇒
  3. Now that you are in Footprint Edit Mode, in the Design Toolbox switch to the Layers tab.
  4. Double-click the 3D-Info Top layer to make it active.

    Note: To get a solid 3D object, Ultiboard first requires a 2D object in the 3D-Info layer.

  5. Select Place » Graphics and select the initial 2D shape you want for your component. Place it directly over the silkscreen of the object.

    Tip: Sometimes is easier to copy the silkscreen-layer object and then change the properties of the new object so that it will be located in the 3D-Info layer.

  6. Select Edit » Properties to launch the Components and Sheet Properties dialog.

  7. Select the 3D Data tab and check Enable 3D for this object.
  8. Under the General sub-tab, check Use 2D data to create 3D shape.
  9. You can now start configuring the 3D info such as height, offset, and so on. Use the Preview window to see what is being created.
  10. Once you have finished, click OK to exit this dialog.

As you can see, adding 3D info is a very simple process. The more objects you add, the more shapes you can use to create a more complex object. The General and Material sub-tabs are available for most objects, the Pins and Shape (cylinder in this case) sub-tabs are available only for the main footprint properties (described on this document).

NOTE: For more information about working with 3D data in Ultiboard refer to the Ultiboard User Guide or the Online Help, you will find more information about this process.

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Report Date: 11/22/2006
Last Updated: 08/28/2012
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