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Archived: How Do I Migrate a TestStand 3.5 Configuration File with Custom Types to TestStand 4.0?

This document has been archived and is no longer updated by National Instruments

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 4.0
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I have customized my User type stored in my Users.ini file (located at <teststand>\Cfg\Users.ini) for TestStand version 3.5. I want to transfer those customizations to TestStand version 4.0, but when I try, the default User type is loaded instead. How can I do this?

When you direct TestStand to use a custom Users.ini configuration file, it always compares the version of the User type stored in that INI file with the version of the currently loaded User type.  If the currently loaded User type has a higher version number, the currently loaded type will overwrite the User type in the custom configuration file.  In order to coerce TestStand to use your custom configuration file, you must make sure to leave the modified mark on the Users.ini file when you save it in the older version of TestStand. When TestStand sees the modified mark on this file, it will assume that it has been more recently modified and load the types from your custom configuration file as desired.

Step by step directions for moving customized Users.ini file from TestStand 3.5 to TestStand 4.0:
  1. Open TestStand 3.5.
  2. Select View » User Manager
  3. In the View drop-down menu at the top right corner of the dialog, select Types.
  4. Select User from the Type tree in the left pane.
  5. Edit parameters in right-hand pane as desired.  (Note: It is important that you make at least one change here so that this file will show that it has been modified.)
  6. When finished, select File » Save from the TestStand menu.
  7. A Warning message will appear. Make sure to choose Do Not Increment Type Versions and leave the checkbox below it unchecked. This will maintain the current version number for the Users.ini file, but add a modified mark to it, indicating that you have made customizations.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Close TestStand 3.5.
  10. Move or rename your current TestStand 4.0 Users.ini file, located at <National Instruments>\TestStand 4.0\Cfg\Users.ini
  11. Copy the modified TestStand 3.5 Users.ini file from <National Instruments>\TestStand 3.5\Cfg\Users.ini to <National Instruments>\TestStand 4.0\Cfg\Users.ini
  12. Using the TestStand Version Selector, Make Active TestStand 4.0 and then Launch it.

TestStand 4.0 has now loaded your modified configuration file from TestStand 3.5. You can verify this by viewing the modified user type in the Types palette.

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Report Date: 02/29/2008
Last Updated: 07/20/2015
Document ID: 4ISFTS00

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