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How do I Access Internal Channels on my DAQ Device using DAQmx?

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How do I access the internal channels for my DAQ device using the DAQmx API?

By default, DAQmx Physical Channel controls and constants filter out internal channels for DAQ devices, as well as things like invalid I/O types. Channels labeled "internal" are typically used for self-diagnostics and self-calibration, and thus are hidden by default to avoid overcomplicating DAQmx configuration for newer programmers and end-users.

Note: A list of internal channels for your device can be found in DAQmx Help: Internal Channels. Also note that for S Series devices, there are additional steps necessary to correctly access internal channels, which are listed in the DAQmx Help documentation mentioned above.

To view these hidden channels, you'll need to modify the default I/O Name Filtering options for that particular control or constant. Complete the following steps to Enable Internal Channels:


  1. Right-click the DAQmx Physical Channel control or constant on the front panel or block diagram and select I/O Name Filtering from the dropdown menu.
  2. Check the Internal Channels checkbox in the Filter Names dialog.

  3. Internal channels should now be listed in the Physical Channel dropdown menu.
Note: In addition to showing internal channels, you can also customize things such as I/O Type and even limit the options to a particular device to prevent users from inputting invalid channels for a control.

Note: The default filtering for a physical channel control or constant is determined when that control or constant is created. If the control or constant is copied from an existing control or constant, it will inherit the properties of the original control or constant. This includes constants or controls created by right-clicking on the input terminals of a DAQmx VI.


  1. In a source (.c) file, type a DAQmx function and then right-click on the text, and select Recall Function Panel.

  2. In the function panel, click the ”…” button next to the text box beneath Physical Channel, and select Filter…

  3. In the Filter Settings dialog that pops up, select Internal Channels and click OK.

  4. Internal channels should now be listed in the Physical Channel dropdown menu.


In the .NET API, you are required to specify the access level of the GetPhysicalChannels method during configuration of the method. Specify Internal or All instead of External, and you will see the additional channels. See the example below:

DaqSystem.Local.GetPhysicalChannels(PhysicalChannelTypes.AI, PhysicalChannelAccess.Internal)

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Report Date: 02/04/2010
Last Updated: 01/25/2017
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