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Maximum Record Length for National Instruments Digitizers

Hardware: Modular Instruments>>High-Speed Digitizers (Scopes)

Why do I get an error (-1074118653) when I try to specify a large number in the Record Length field?

This error depends on which memory option that you have for your digitizer.  The maximum number that you fill out in this field is the maximum number of samples which will fit on the onboard memory of your digitizer.

For example, if you have an 8-bit digitizer with 64 MB per channel memory, the maximum number that you can enter in the Record Length field is 67108624.

Since it is an 8-bit digitizer, each sample is equal to 1 byte of data. This means that 67108624 samples would represent 67108624 bytes or 63.997 megabytes.  The remaining memory (64MB - 63.997MB) is used for storing information about the record.

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Report Date: 03/06/2008
Last Updated: 10/04/2017
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