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UDP Communication Using Multiple IP Addresses on the Same Port

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I am trying to communicate with multiple devices using the LabVIEW UDP VIs. I have two devices with unique IP addresses that are both listening on the same port. I can open a connection to a single device using UDP Open VI without a problem. When I try to open a second connection on the same port to communicate with the other device, I get receive the error

Error 60 occurred at UDP Open in

How should I go about communicating to both of these devices?

This error occurs because you cannot open multiple UDP connections on the same local port. However, the local port and the remote port do not need to be the same. The local port is determined by the port input of the UDP Open VI. The remote port is determined by the port input of the UDP Write VI. For each write, set the remote port to the port number on which the corresponding device is listening.

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Report Date: 05/20/2004
Last Updated: 07/27/2007
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