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Bus Monitor Limitations in Subordinate Mode While Also Using NI-XNET

Hardware: Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PXI-8512 CAN/HS1, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PXI-8511 CAN/LS2, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PCI-8513 CAN/XS1, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PCI-8511 CAN/LS2, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PXI-8513 CAN/XS1, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PXI-8511 CAN/LS1, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PXI-8513 CAN/XS2, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PCI-8512 CAN/HS1, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PXI-8512 CAN/HS2, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PCI-8511 CAN/LS1, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PCI-8512 CAN/HS2, Industrial Communications>>CAN>>NI PCI-8513 CAN/XS2

I am planning to use the Bus Monitor along with NI-XNET applications in subordinate mode. Are there any limitations to this?

When running the bus monitor along with NI-XNET applications, it is possible that some of the specifications listed in the NI-XNET differ.  This is because the bus monitor uses the NI-XNET driver itself and therefore needs some of the NI-XNET resources.  (The bus monitor is actually built with LabVIEW).

Here are some of the limitations that happen when using the bus monitor with NI-XNET applications.  Please note that these restrictions are present when trying to use the bus monitor in subordinate mode:
  1. A FlexRay application must have less than 128 objects, otherwise the bus monitor will fail.  This is because the bus monitor must use some FlexRay objects internally.  This is also not the case for CAN.
  2. A CAN application cannot use a streaming session on the same port as the bus monitor.  This is because the bus monitor already uses a streaming session and that type of session can only be opened once on a port.

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Report Date: 08/20/2009
Last Updated: 12/31/2015
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