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How Do I Activate my Software Products If I Purchased NI Developer Suite?

Primary Software: NI License Manager
Primary Software Version: 2.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I purchased and installed NI Developer Suite. How do I activate the different software products within this package?

To activate the NI software products, use the serial number for NI Developer Suite. There is one serial number for all of the products that come with NI Developer Suite. Use the NI Activation Wizard to activate your software and enter in the Developer Suite serial number for each of the products that require activation.

The following screen should appear when you open or launch an NI Product that is not yet activated.

If you click Activate Products on this screen it will open the NI Activation Wizard. The first page of the NI Activation Wizard will give you three options for how to activate. 

If you use the Automatically activate through a secure Internet connection option it will bring you to the following page.

The products on this page should reflect what you have installed on your machine that is not activated. Note, there may be multiple pages of products if you have enough installed. Once you put your serial number in for each product, the activation of each product will then automatically complete the next time it is launched without requiring addition activation steps via the NI Activation Wizard.

If you do not have internet access:
Internet access is not required to activate your product. When you activate, the NI Activation Wizard displays the different options for activating. There are four methods that do not require Internet access on the machine where you are activating:
  1. Phone - Contact a National Instruments representative to acquire your activation code during business hours or use our automated phone system to activate at any time. The NI Activation Wizard lists the phone numbers.
  2. Fax - Fax your activation request to National Instruments. 
  3. E-mail - E-mail your activation request to National Instruments. The NI Activation Wizard creates an e-mail to send to National Instruments. You can copy the e-mail text to a different computer that has Internet access and send the e-mail from that computer. The NI Activation Wizard will generate the email and tell you the appropriate email address to contact.
  4. Web - Use a Web browser to acquire an activation code for a computer. The NI Activation Wizard displays the required information, which you can print or you can take this information to another computer that has Internet access to acquire your activation code. Go to the Product Activation and Licensing page or You will be required to provide the serial number and software version to be activate. An activation code will be generated. Use this code in the Activation Wizard in the Apply 20-character activation code previously acquired for this computer option.

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