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LabWindows/CVI Error: "Undefined symbol..." When Using a DLL

Primary Software: LabWindows/CVI Development Systems>>LabWindows/CVI Full Development System
Primary Software Version: 15.1
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Engine

I am using a DLL in LabWindows/CVI, and when I build the project I get the following error:

Undefined symbol '___ImageBase' referenced in "c:\program files (x86)\national instruments\cvi2015\bin\msvc\cvistart.lib.

The error above is a linker error indicating that the compiler can't find a definition for ImageBase. Since this only occurs when making a call into the DLL in the program, this suggests that the issue lies with the linker files (.lib files) for the DLLs being used. It is likely that the linker file was generated specifically for a different compiler and its definition of ImageBase (which is a special symbol created by the linker) and conflicts with LabWindows/CVI's definition in cvistart.lib.

The best way to attempt to fix linker issues is to regenerate the import libraries. If you open the header for the DLL in LabWindows/CVI, you will find Options >> Generate DLL Import Library... which will allow you to target the DLL and generate a new .lib file. Once this has been completed, remove the old linker file, and replaced it with the newly generated one.

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Report Date: 09/18/2017
Last Updated: 10/06/2017
Document ID: 7PHFD8NA

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