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Why Do I Get Error 15550 When Trying to FTP a File to My Real-Time Controller?

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 8.6
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I am using the LabVIEW FTP VIs to send a file from my host computer to my Real-Time (RT) controller.  I am trying to create a new folder on the controller from my host computer and store my file in it, but I am receiving Error 15550: FTP Transaction: 550 Could not open file.  Why is this happening?

Two things could be causing this issue:
  1. If you are using an external hard drive and are trying to move files from the system folder to that drive, then this error could come up if the filepath is incorrect or if the external hard drive is no longer seen by the machine. Troubleshooting steps in this case could be checking the external hard drive on another machine to see if you can use it, trying a different external hard drive if it has never worked, and also making sure that the filepath does exist.
  2. When using the FTP VIs to move files, the creation of a new folder on the RT target from the host PC does not automatically occur.  There is a VI in the FTP VI library that provides this functionality.  This VI is not located on the FTP palette and must be browsed to at this location:

    labview\vi.lib\addons\internet\ftp\ftp1.llb\FTP [MKD].vi

    You can simply use this VI to create a new folder, then use the FTP Put to store files in that new folder.

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Report Date: 09/08/2008
Last Updated: 08/25/2010
Document ID: 4P7AS1NX

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