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NI-FGEN Simulated Devices

Hardware: Signal Sources (AWG/FG/AO)

I would like to program using the NI-FGEN driver but do not yet have the hardware. How can I simulate the device so that I can test my programming?

The NI-FGEN driver allows you to simulate a device so that you can run your application without the hardware present.

To simulate a function generator, follow these steps:
  1. Initialize the NI-FGEN task with a niFgen Initialize with Options function.
  2. Create a constant on the Option String terminal.
  3. Change the Simulate=0 section to Simulate=1.
  4. To specify a device, enter the following syntax in Option String:

    DriverSetup=Model:<driver model number>;BoardType:<module type>;MemorySize:<size of onboard memory in bytes>

    Option String Examples:
    NI PXI-5404 - Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5404;BoardType:PXI
    NI PCI-5421 - Simulate=1,DriverSetup=Model:5421;BoardType:PCI;MemorySize:268435456

See the screenshot below for an example of this code.

Please Note:
Aborting a VI which is running the niFGEN drivers may cause the DLL used by the niFGEN Initialize With Options function to remain in use and not properly close out. As a result, the VI might hang on niFGEN Initialize With Options the next time it runs. If you encounter this, close the VI (you might have to end the LabVIEW.exe process from the Windows Task Manager), and reboot the computer. This will relinquish the use of the DLL. To avoid this situation in the future, make sure to properly close the niFGEN task and do not abort the VI.

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niFGEN Simulate With OptionsniFGENsimulate.png

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