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Why Does My FPGA Compile Give An OVERMAPPED Error When Compiling?

Primary Software:
Primary Software Version: 8.0
Primary Software Fixed Version: N/A
Secondary Software: N/A

I have compiled my code successfully in the past, but I recently added some code and now I'm getting an OVERMAPPED error in the mapping phase of my LV FPGA compile. What is causing this?

OVERMAPPED essentially means that your code requires more resources than are available on the FPGA hardware. Errors like these can be found in the FPGA error log file: xflow.log

A typical OVERMAPPED error at the end of the log file typically looks like this:
Design Summary:
Number of errors: 1
Number of warnings: 0
Number of Slices:5,804 out of 5,120 113% (OVERMAPPED)
Number of Slices containing
unrelated logic: 2,017 out of 5,804 34%
Number of Slice Flip Flops: 7,457 out of 10,240 72%
Total Number 4 input LUTs: 9,847 out of 10,240 96%
Number used as LUTs: 9,235
Number used as a route-thru: 612
Number of bonded IOBs: 168 out of 324 51%
IOB Flip Flops: 57
Number of GCLKs: 1 out of 16 6%
Total equivalent gate count for design: 125,437
Additional JTAG gate count for IOBs: 8,064
Peak Memory Usage: 159 MB

Mapping completed.
See MAP report file "toplevel_gen_map.mrp" for details.
Problem encountered during the packing phase.
ERROR:Xflow - Program map returned error code 2.
Aborting flow execution...

Slices are a fundamental unit of resources on the FPGA. If your code, after optimization by the compiler, requires more slices than are available on your FPGA then the code will not fit and you will get a compile error. For more information on Slices and how to reduce your FPGA usage, see the KnowledgeBase articles linked below.

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Report Date: 04/29/2004
Last Updated: 02/04/2014
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