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Solar Energy Resource Kit for Control and Monitoring

Green Engineering: Solar Power
Learn how you can solve solar power challenges related to control and monitoring with videos, tutorials and case studies.

Kit Contents

  • Webcast: Solar Power: Introduction to Test, Control, and Monitoring Technologies
    View this introductory webcast to learn how essential technologies for test, control, and monitoring apply to your solar power applications, and how National Instruments tools and products can help you to succeed.

  • Part I - Photovoltaic Cell Overview
    This article is the first in a series of 3 tutorials on assessing the performance of photovoltaic cells through I-V characterization. This series includes an overview of PV cells, and describes the theory behind I-V characterization.

  • Resources for Power Quality Monitoring
    Explore hardware and software tools from National Instruments for performing any power metering, power quality, or power monitoring analysis tasks.

  • Tutorial: Maximum Power Point Tracking
    This tutorial teaches the concepts behind Maximum Power Point Tracking, the different algorithms and ways to implement this method of optimizing solar energy capture in photovoltaic cells.

  • Tutorial: Sun Tracking for High-Efficiency Solar Power Plants
    Learn about how solar thermal power plants, heliostats and solar cells can optimize solar energy yield by tracking the sun's path.

  • Case Study: Calibration of Heliostats for Concentrating Solar Power Plants
    Read how NI vision software, cameras, and industrial communications tools are used to monitor large solar power tower plants in Spain.

  • Case Study: Using NI CompactRIO to Design a Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller for Solar
    Read about how a highly-robust maximum power point tracking solution was created using NI COmpactRIO hardware with the powerful and efficient programming paradigm of NI LabVIEW.

  • Case Study: Development of an Integrated Data-Acquisition System for Renewable Energy Sources Systems Monitoring
    Data-acquisition systems are widely used in renewable energy source (RES) applications in order to collect data regarding the installed system performance, for evaluation purposes. Read about the development of a computer-based system for RES systems monitoring using NI LabVIEW.

Exlpore Additional Solar Resources