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NI LabVIEW DSP Design Module

Early Access Release

The LabVIEW DSP Design Module simplifies the creation of complex DSP subsystems targeted for FPGA deployment, allowing you to:
  • Quickly prototype real-time FPGA based DSP subsystem
  • Use rich signal processing IP libraries that exploit FPGA and built-in DSP fabric
  • Design your own signal processing IP blocks with LabVIEW FPGA or by importing 3rd party IP
  • Explore design trade-offs between timing requirements and resource constraints

The LabVIEW DSP Design Module reduces the need for FPGA expertise and works seamlessly with LabVIEW FPGA to abstract the complexities of building real-time DSP subsystems targeted to FPGA devices. With the LabVIEW DSP Design Module designers connect functional blocks that accept and output data streams with different associated data rates.

The designer can explore system tradeoffs such as resource utilization and execution speed iteratively in a graphical environment before integrating the DSP design into a larger system. With the graphical system design approach employed by the LabVIEW DSP Design Module, DSP designers can quickly prototype DSP subsystems for RF and communications or other applications.

Next Steps

To learn more, to become a beta customer, or to be notified when the Early Access Release is available, send an email to